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A Blue Monkey Bicycle is a quality, fun and practical electric bike that comes with lasting support, years of experience and our comprehensive expertise at your service. You’ve found the most trusted electric bike source. Blue Monkey Bicycles.

Why choose Blue Monkey?

• We only sell quality, transportation-grade ebikes
• Free unlimited tune-ups for 1 year after purchase
• Ready-to-ride ebike delivery anywhere in Utah
• We handle all warranty issues & provide loaner ebikes
• Expert battery, electronics and mechanical repair
• Continued support throughout the life of your ebike

Pedego Electric Bikes Blue Monkey

Pedego is quickly becoming the world’s favorite brand of eBikes and Blue Monkey Bicycles is proud to be Northern Utah’s home for Pedego Electric Bikes. Simplicity, build quality and stellar support are just a few of the reasons why we love them. explore pedego 

Easy Motion Electric Blue Monkey

The electric bike that doesn’t look like one. Arguably some of the cleanest ebike designs available come from Easy Motion combined with an industry leading 5 year warranty! Samsung lithium ion batteries reside in the stealthy downtube. explore easy motion 

Haibike USA Utah ebike

Haibike is the definitive eMTB and we’re proud to add them to our selection of quality electric bikes.  The XDURO bikes feature the Bosch system and the SDURO line of bikes exclusively features the Yamaha electric system. explore haibike 

 Felt BruHaul Cargo Bike Utah

Felt Electric: a complete line of Bosch powered mid drive eBikes from Felt BicyclesThese bikes have range and power that will astound you. Felt’s build quality, light weight and fine finishes are second to none. Featuring one of the best handling cargo bikes ever: the BruHaul. Explore Felt


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