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Blue Monkey Bicycles is proud to be Utah’s first Pedego Dealer. We love Pedego because of the build quality of their bikes and the integrity of the company. You will not go wrong in your choice of a Pedego from Blue Monkey. Pedego highly values its reputation and is out to be the best electric bike companies on the planet, all while never forgetting that essential ingredient: FUN! Experience the world’s best selling electric bikes by taking a test ride in the quiet neighborhood behind our store. Smile included!

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Pedego has issued a voluntary recall for certain batteries manufactured from 2010-2013. For more info click here.

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When you stop by Blue Monkey, make sure that you ask for a free copy of Pedego’s Hello Fun magazine featuring fun articles and details of their electric bikes. If you can’t wait, you can check it out for yourself digitally here.

Pedego Hello Fun Magazine

PEDEGO™ was conceived in 2007 to create a line of electric bikes that combine style and function to open up cycling to anyone who might otherwise not be getting the benefits from bike riding. Many people would like to ride a bike, but find it impractical or impossible because of hills, distance, health reasons, knee problems, aging or the inconvenience of having to shower and change at work. PEDEGO™ electric bikes make biking much more accessible to the 98% of the population who aren’t currently cyclists. Do a little searching on the internet and you’ll find many positive articles on Pedego and their legendary products and support. This is one of our favorites.
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